Who Sang Vele Vele Amapiano Song?

Who Sang Vele Vele Amapiano Song

Who Sang Vele Vele Amapiano Song?

Vele Vele song is a South African song released under the Amapiano music genre. The song was sung by a famous South African singer and musician named Official RSA and featured by PYY Log Drum King and Benzoo.

After searching on the internet, I got that the song was released on the 23rd of September 2022. In addition to this, the Vele Vele song was released under the music album Spiritual Sounds Episode II.


Who is Officixl RSA?

Officixl RSA is a well-known Amapiano singer, rapper, hitmaker, vocalist, and songwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. As per the sources, the singer is 18-20 years old as of now, in 2022. The singer is famous in the country for his amazing songs and energetic and melodious voice.

Rapper Offixial RSA

The singer made his debut in the singing profession through the song Ingozi 2 which was released under the music label Barcadi Meet BiQue. Not only this, but the singer has also sung many hit songs in his career and his all songs go viral on all social media platforms, especially on Instagram and TikTok.

Officixl RSA Music Albums:

  • Spiritual Sounds Episode II
  • My Graduation day ep

Officixl RSA Songs:

  • Jozi Night (2022)
  • Ayoyoyo (2022)
  • The bob filter (2022)
  • Chicago bells (2022)
  • Camagu (2022)
  • TANGO (2022)
  • Ghost writers (2022)
  • Mahlebezulu (2022)
  • Invisible man (2022)
  • Vele Vele (2022)
  • Wuh (2022)
  • Danko (2022)
  • Dark ancestors (2022)
  • Red Squared (2022)
  • Kgoshi (2022)
  • Thokoza gogo (2022)
  • Night vibes (2022)
  • Episode ya strata (2022)
  • Drumonades (2022)
  • An Elementary Episode (2022)
  • Salam (2022)
  • Spiritual Sounds (2022)
  • Underrated Products (2022)
  • Clunky pads (2022)
  • Ingane (2022)
  • Spelete (2022)
  • Ingozi 2 (2022)

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