Top 10 Richest Amapiano Artists In South Africa

Top 10 Richest Amapiano Artists In South Africa

Amapiano is making all sorts of ways not only in Zanzi but the world at large in the mix of things some celebrities have gained some fame. We can all agree that the genre has a plug and its vibe is just something else. Well we as very leagues have gathered the top ten richest Amapiano artist and their net worth to find that to know who has the more rich and to see if your favorite Amapiano artist is cashing in stay tuned.

10 Most Richest Amapiano Artists in South Africa

Reece Madlisa

Reece is a rapper and vocalist who uses his real name on stage. He has a net worth estimated to be 1.4 Million Rands.

Mr. Jazziq

Jazziq is a South African Amapiano DJ and a record producer following his success in the music industry. He has a net worth of 3 million Rands.

De Mthuda

He is a DJ, music producer, and musical artist from South Africa. He has made a name for himself with the song titled ‘John Week’ which is his latest hit that makes his daily bread by creating and selling his music to people of course. He also writes a record label by the name of CCA. He has a net worth of 3.5 million Rands.

Semi Tee

His real name is Tumelo Ramila. However, Semi Tee is a South African music artist, producer, and DJ. His estimated net worth is 7 million Rands.


He is a well-known DJ and entrepreneur. He is getting a good amount from his multiple professions including singing. His net worth is estimated to be 8.6 million Rands.


He hails from Pretoria. He is a well-known rapper and a former footballer. The rapper refers to himself as Pittori Maradona. He was formerly a footballer before he started developing an interest in rapping. Well, the vocalist has an estimated net worth of 14 million Rands.

DJ Sumbody

His real name is John Suffoca. He is a South African DJ and radio representative. He rose to fame after releasing his hit single Iapa. The Dj’s net worth is estimated to be 22.5 million Rands.

Kabza Da Small

His real name is Kabza Small Cabello Petrus better known by his stage name Kabza Da Small. He is a South African DJ, record producer and an amapiano award winner. He has referred to as the king of Amapiano. His net worth is estimated to be 54 million Rands.

Cassper Nyovest

He is a South African rapper, writer, entrepreneur, and of course a record producer. He is regarded as one of the most successful artists in South Africa. He has also several ambassadorial deals in China with several companies. His net worth is 112 million Rands.

DJ Maphorisa

He is a well-known South African record producer, DJ, and vocalist. Currently, he is the best rapper in South Africa. He rose to stardom after several hit singles for artists of multiple generes such ‘Uhuru Back Then He Not Dead’. His estimated net worth is estimated to be 225 million Rands. He has given himself the title of ‘King’.

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