Sha Sha Top Amapiano Songs And Album

Sha Sha Top Amapiano Songs and Albums

Sha Sha Top Amapiano Songs and Albums

Sha Sha’s songs and her albums have been sung throughout South Africa and beyond and she needs no introduction at this point. Learn more about the star as well as her latest songs right here.

Sha Sha is quite popular in South Africa and even across Mzanzi’s borders. Her breakout album ‘Blossom’ served to propel Sha Sha into the limelight and now, after the release of that EP, we can’t stop getting enough of her talent. Thankfully, she hasn’t stopped releasing songs since then. This article is dedicated to compiling a list of new songs and albums from Sha Sha for you.

Sha Sha Bio

Sha Sha’s real name is Charmaine Shamiso Mapimbiro. She is a talented Zimbabwean-South African artist who hardly ever releases a bad song. Her smooth voice is always a pleasure to listen to. The star has been in love with music since her early years. Recently, she gave us a pleasant surprise by releasing ‘I Am Alive’ and it’s getting her fans super excited.

How old is Sha Sha?

Born on 13th July 1994, the songstress is 28 years old.

Sha Sha 2022 Top Amapiano Songs

Below are the best few amapiano songs from the female amapiano singer, Shasha.

. Ungowami

The year suddenly looks brighter with this song from Sha Sha. ‘Ungowami’ is her first release of 2022 and it makes for a powerful and captivating tune. This song features Soa Mattrix who was indeed the perfect choice for the job. The Amapiano beats in the song usher in Sha Sha’s delicious voice. The song shows a very clear Soa Mattrix effect in terms of the quality of sound. The track is the 6th song of the new album from the star. Even though the song has only been posted on YouTube on 6th July 2022, it already has over 600,000 views on the platform.

· Themba Lami

With that out-of-this-world melody, you could say that Sha Sha and Ami Faku’s voice blend rolls on as smoothly as butter glides on bread. The song runs for 3 minutes and 27 seconds, and it has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. ‘Themba Lami’ is an exceptional song and since it’s coming from a musical queen like Sha Sha, I am honestly not surprised at all.

· Give Me Something

Give me something is an explosive song by Sha Sha featuring Rowlene. The song is just 2 minutes and 44 seconds which is in my opinion too short. As you listen, you’ll hear her sonorous voice saying and we quote “About, you, about us…would you give me something”. It is not an Amapiano song, and it might not get you jumping up and down, but it’s one of Sha Sha’s most loved 2022 songs. There is just something about the melody that feels soulful and romantic, but don’t take my word for it, you should hear it for yourself.

· iPiano

iPiano is the product of a collaboration between Sha Sha and Felo Le Tee. The song has been highly praised for its girl power and entertaining effect. We would have never imagined that the two would collaborate in such an explosive way, but guess what, they did! Overall, iPiano is a lovely Amapiano tune that showcases the raw talent of the two stars.

· Phakade Lami

‘Phakade Lami’ is a song by Nomfundo Moh featuring Sha Sha and Ami Faku. Sha Sha’s influence on the song is unmatched. The music video was uploaded on YouTube and with those captivating sound and lick-worthy visuals, it is no surprise why the video ended up getting over 12 million views on the platform.

Sha Sha Top 2022 Amapiano Album

Here we have the best amapiano album from the female amapiano singer, Shasha.

· I am Alive

Sha Sha has been hinting at this drop for two years, making ‘I Am Alive’ one of the most highly anticipated albums. The album was once up for her fans to pre-order, but now, it is available for streaming.

For a while now, much to our greatest chagrin, it has been obvious that Sha Sha hasn’t released any album since her breakout debut album titled ‘Blossom’ until now. The album serves as a strong message from Sha Sha to inform us that she is alive and she is very much willing, ready, and able to deliver quality songs to our playlists.

The album has a total of 13 songs on its tracklist. Some of the highlights of the album are: ‘Ungowami’, ‘Themba Lami, and ‘Give Me Something’ featuring Rowlene.  I’m just glad to see Sha Sha giving us another fresh hot album even if it’s coming years after her first one.

Sha Sha’s social media

Sha Sha can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Sha Sha’s Net Worth

The star is said to be worth approximately $500,00 to $800,000.


1. What languages can Sha Sha speak?

English, Zulu, Shona, and Ndelebe are the four languages that Sha Sha can speak.

2. Where are Sha Sha’s parents?

Right now, we know that Sha Sha’s parents got separated shortly after she was born. We do not know where they are now.

3. What is Sha Sha’s relationship with DJ Maphorisa?

As fate would have it, Sha Sha ended up dating DJ Maphorisa for a few years before they broke up.

4. Where is Sha Sha from?

Sha Sha was born to a Zimbabwean father while her mother is South African, making her Zimbabwean-South African.

5. When did Sha Sha start singing professionally?

Sha Sha started singing professionally in 2017 even though before then she had already been in love with music.


Sha Sha looks like she’s ready to take on the world in 2022. I mean, she did promise us that something big was coming and now we have seen that all those weren’t empty promises, especially with the release of her brand new album called ‘I Am Alive’. A lot of folks haven’t had the chance to listen to the new album and I’m telling you now that you should! The album is everything you needed from Sha Sha and more.

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