Top 10 Most Popular Amapiano Songs That Hit Globally

Top 10 Most Popular Amapiano Songs That Hit Globally

Love it or hate it! Amapiano is putting African music on the global stage. This style of music is believed to have started around 2012, But it wasn’t until 2019 We see this towel being adopted across the continent we record-breaking hits every single month. 

Here are our picks for the 10 biggest Amapiano Hit songs that broke the internet. We are pretty sure there are more than just 10 So tell us your favorites in the comment section below.

Number 10 – NKULUNKULU

One of the most enticing things about Amapiano is the vocals behind the hits, you might not understand the lyrics but somehow you just get lost in it.

Kamo Mphela doesn’t just kill her Amapiano songs but incorporates her dance powers to make videos go viral. Such talent saw her 2021 hit NKULUNKULU getting over 50 million views on both Spotify and YouTube.

Number 9 – Woza

Woza song was released in 2021 and now only became one of South Africa’s top-rated amapiano tunes across the Internet. Woza was made in collaboration with Kabza De Small, Lady Du, and Mr. JazziQ who put their magic as part of the song, and to add more flame to the already burning fire came server Tiktok dance challenges with his video being the most popular of them all.

On YouTube, the song has amassed over 21 million views and over 6 million streams on Spotify. 

Number 8 – Dali Nguwe

Master KG in the new phase in the world of Amapiano. He has a massive portfolio of hits no other producer can replicate. People say all of his releases sound the same but I say Why fix something that ain’t broken? Dali Nguwe’s song which features other music stars has managed to gain over 16 million views in just five months of its release and the views just keep coming in every passing day. 

Number 7 – Gcina Impilo Yami

Undoubtedly one of the biggest Amapiano songs to grace the internet is DJ Cleo and Bucy Radebe’s Gcina Impilo Yami. The original song which by the way has over 10 million views was released in 2020 and became a massive hit.

The Amapiano touch just made it more pleasant to listen to check the numbers on YouTube. It has managed to cross over 20 million views. It is doing pretty well on Spotify. I don’t know about you, but Amapiano has started to become a gospel style of music. Not that this is a bad thing. 

Number 6 – Paris

Paris there is something so small about the song that I can’t quite put a finger on. Paris is like a fine wine. It only gets better with time. Q Mark and TpZee are music producers and DJs signed to Cloud Nine entertainment. This single is taken from the duo’s debut amapiano “Umlilo” released in October 2021.

Number 5 – Odg

Artist Eltee Skhillz has Tiktok to thank for the success of his hit single Odg. This song emerged as the most listened-to song in Nigeria at its release and continues to trend on social media. Now despite the catchy vibe of the song he doesn’t gain massive views on YouTube. We get into the top 5th position on our list.

Number 4 – It Ain’t Me (Remix)

The popularity of Amapiano came from DJs taking an already existing song and turning it into something awesome. One such song is DJ Abuz and Soulking’s It Ain’t Me (Remix). 

The remains have since gone viral on YouTube and other social media platforms like Tiktok where its number of dance challenges is just mind-blowing. 

Number 3 – Buga

If we mention hits that have exposed the world to African music, we can’t miss Buga Song by Kizdaniel and Tekno. 

The viral hit became netizens’ favorite tune of 2022 due to its motivational vibes not forgetting the catchy chorus.

Just in 4 months, this song has received over 90 million views on Youtube, and over 22 million streams on Spotify. And we not even counting that of Tiktok. It is safe to say it is only a matter of time before Buga catches up with Goya Meno and Nektunz Ameno Amapiano remix.

Number 2 – Ameno Amapiano remix

You Know we cant be listing viral amapiano hits without mentioning the Ameno Amapiano remix song. Ameno by Goya Menor and Nektunz set a new world record with over 10 billion views on Tiktok and we not even counting the millions of streams on both Spotify and Youtube.

Ameno became the world’s biggest song in 2021 after Netktunz sampled the old-time classic Ameno.

Number 1 – Jerusalema

Thanks to these Angolan guys, Jerusalema can comfortably sit on the throne as the biggest African song for that matter amapiano hit to have ever graced the internet. 

There is not a single Internet user around the world who has not heard of or seen these Jerusalema dances. And I should say the song is not only famous for its dance moves but the soothing voice of the singer and not to mention the ingenious crater behind the beat.

Do you agree with the our list? Let us know in the comment section below, and share this article with your friend and family. Thanks and Peace!

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