What Happened To Dj Zinhle’s Friendship with Pearl Thusi?

What Happened To Dj Zinhle And Pearl Thusi

Dj Zinhle And Pearl Thusi are long-time best friends who treat each other like real sisters. There are some differences and misunderstandings between them but they still care for each other. Both girls hail from South Africa. Dj Zinhle is a well-known South African DJ whereas Pearl Thusi is a famous South African actress. In the article below, we will discuss Dj Zinhle And Pearl Thusi’s friendship and their current relationship status.

Dj Zinhle’s Friendship with Pearl Thusi

The two ladies became BFFs in the year 2015 when DJ Zinhle’s boyfriend, AKA cheated on her. DJ’s boyfriend started dating another lady named Bonang Matheba who is a famous South African television presenter and TV reality star. Zinhle and Pearl both hate AKA because of his cheating. Their mutual hate for AKA helped to strengthen their bond. They both are likes to spend time with each other and also go traveling and parties together. After DJ’s break up with AKA, DJ started living with Pearl in her house. Dj Zinhle shared via her Twitter that:

“I didn’t have a house, I was literally homeless because of my building and she was in New York and forced me to move into her house, so I moved myself, my nanny, and my baby into her house,” DJ Zinhle said.”

Zinhle and Thusi shared many pictures on their social media profiles, especially on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They also love to wear matching outfits.

What Happened To Dj Zinhle And Pearl Thusi Friendship?

Dj Zinhle And Pearl Thusi are trending on social media after sharing a Twitter video. Some sources estimates from this video that the two ladies are no longer best friends. In this video, DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are attending Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena’s birthday party. DJ Zinhle started dancing and Pearl came to join her.

Zinhle refused to dance with Pearl with a hand gesture. After seeing this video, the social media users assumed that Zinhle and Pearl are no longer BFFs and wants nothing to do with each other. As per the media reports, social media users pretend that both ladies are broke their friendship.

Are Dj Zinhle And Pearl Thusi still the Best Friend Forever BFF?

In July, Pearl shared a social media post to answer her relationship with Zinhle. She shared a post with the caption:

“Guys- Zee and I are still very much friends. Can this nonsense stop now,” she wrote.

Additionally, she gives a straight answer to the media users that she and Zinhle are still best friends and love each other so much. She also wrote that we stop making fake judgments regarding our relationship. At last, she humbly asked social media users to stop “vilifying” her and Zinhle.

So, it is clear from the above article that both ladies are still best friends and this is fake news about their friendship.

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