Nasty C: “People Told Me I Wasn’t Bold Enough To Do It”

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Nasty C: "People Told Me I Wasn’t Bold Enough To Do It"

We are only halfway through 2017 But Nasty C has been on a winning streak.

The young rapper took to Instagram in motivational posts talking about how far he’s come and what he’s had to overcome. Nasty says despite all of the naysayers, he believes he’s making it.

“People gave me a million reasons why I wouldn’t make it and why I shouldn’t do what I’m doing right now with so much passion. People told me I wouldn’t make it because I was too shy, my voice wasn’t bold enough, that I wasn’t bold enough. I don’t have the looks, I’m too soft spoken…too much of an introvert, people who were really close to me. Not pursue my dreams, not even try,” he said.

Watch below.

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