Is Nasty C Firing More Shots At Fellow Rapper A-Reece?

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These two Acts Won’t Stop Throwing Subtle Jabs At Each Other.

The two rappers are always pitted against each other by the fans on Twitter and they always sub-tweet each other on social network. Mabala Noise rapper Nasty C is putting together his very first solo tour which is kicking off on the 26th of August in Cape Town.

A-Reece started responding to the things the fans were saying via interviews and Nasty C was not happy about that. The rappers met at the airport and Nasty C confronted A-Reece which is when they squashed the beef but Nasty’s latest tweet looks like it could be aimed at A-Reece.

He Said “You play humble in public. Play gangsta in the music. Then play it cool when we meet”

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