See Nomzamo Mbatha Epic Clapback To A Twitter Troll


Black twitter has no chill, Both The Celebs and Normal Users Alike as Nomzamo Mbatha served a hot clapback to a Twitter troll who recently commented on her dress.

It all started when she posted a photo of her self with The Caption “Don’t Look Down”

While everyone noted on how “perfect” Nomzamo was in the picture, one choreographer saw it the other way round and commented negatively on the dress, but it did not end well.

The choreographer Said: “You’re still wearing this dress from 2015. Nee gerl. Imagine I saw her with that same dress at some after party in Durban and on a few other occasions. Sies. That time it’s latex,”

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While Nomzamo replied saying that the dress was a new one, she told them “to stick to dancing and leave the customs duty paying to mama”.

“This trolling thing has to have rules… 1. Know your Tax bracket,”

What do you guys think? Was the clapback well deserved or a little too harsh?



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