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ke mang? X2
hmmm aiyaiya

Verse 1:
Aw dubula magazine
dubula magazine
Le’game ingenze ngaphenduke i’slwane
Manje ngisawubamb u’mchini yeah
But I’m ready to kill em again right now
Coz i got that feeling
Kanti nguban intsimbi ya le Shandis?
Your favorite rapper kimi u’Rubbish
I started from the bottom
Ended up at the top of the world
You know where to find me
My IG location says I’m on top of your girl yeah
Boy oh boy I’m feeling myself
I’m giving them hell yeah
Ain’t showin these niggas no mercy
Fuck em all for doing me dirty
I just want the power & the glory
Ngiyazi mdali is cheering for me
Ngi’represent iKasi
Let the music tell the story
My catalog is legendary
Ngifuna ukuPusher nje ngo Trevor Noah be no Coffee
It’s mandatory that
I mark my territory
So I’m shittin on advisories
Like Nonke nonke nonke
Msunu ka everybody yeah.

Someone’s always gon’ hate
Whether u losin’ or winnin’
Download out your feelings feelings
Download out your feelings
Phela nezinja azikhonkhothel
into engahambi
Mas’khulum iqiniso
Download out your feelings feelings
Download out your feelings

Uzong’ khona kanjani?
khona kanjani? X2
ngathi ngekeli zol X2
Uzong’ khona kanjani?
khona kanjani? X2
ngathi ngekeli zol X2

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Verse 2:
Guluva akashinji Guluva akashinji
Bheka kahle ang’fani nale’ntwan e’ncane ezihlanyiswa ngushinji
I know some fake niggas around me
who don’t wanna see me succeeding
I see u out there cheering for my rivals
Mawungibona ufun’ ku?
Aibo I’m back on my bullshit
Checkin these suckers for stealin the blueprint
Angeke balunge, iKasi liyazi
I’m the realest to do it
Yeah the business is boomin
I step on the scene issa movie
No wonder these bitches be choosy
The family is keeping the Guccis
Ngiwubut’ madlisa the Jewish
She saw the Re Up
Uchazwa iLifestyle
Manje ufun’ ukhamba nathi uSweetheart
yeah coz we UP
Mara umunt’ omnyama
They talk some shit on Social media
but now they wanna take the picture when they see ya
That’s a media
Yeah I’m back with the twist
Been at it for more than a decade
Angeke usi’Compare nga nix
These rappers are pissed
whenever they put it toDownloadher with list
I been right at the top
A bunch of consecutive hits
A line after line
I’ve been giving these addicts a fix
Ingane zing’cela maSweets
nentombi zingcela uKiss
indaba yam’ lok iStraight


Ayihlale phantsi thobelu mthetho

Hook & Chorus

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